In Wink or Clink, I highlight product and give my two centers...if I like it, then I'll give it a wink, if the trash it goes! Clink!

Bumble and bumble Creme de Coco Masque

Looking for glossy, nourished, manageable locks? Need a recharge after a sunny day on the town? Slather a few beads of this thick, dreamy hair masque and in about seven minutes you will hit a new level of luminosity -- all without added weight. Long gone are the moisturizing masques that give that 1970s greased-out look, this masque is a great tool to add to any hair type's shower. Suitable for weekly use (or perhaps more often for you sun bunnies).

My recommendation? Big Shiny Wink!

Wink or Clink Archive...

Bumble and bumble Classic Hairspray

  • I love it! This is the only hairspray I like -- it has fantastic freezing ability with virtually no residue. I only use it for finishing and it always caps off a styling session. Once the smoke clears, hair is left with a nice, refreshing fragrance. Lovely Wink!

Bumble and bumble Creme de Coco

  • Picture this: two big liters of luscious shampoo and blissful conditioner in my shower -- and the smell of soft coconut every morning -- heaven! Ever since Creme de Coco has reappeared in our shower (after a far-too-long absence), life has been good.
  • After the luxuriously rich lather and dreamy conditioner are rinsed out, you are left with incredibly silky locks. Creme de Coco aides in shine, managability, and moisture loss; I can honestly say it took care of all of that without making my hair too heavy. (Lord knows, I love my pompodour!)
  • Since my thirsty, fine hair is dry from color and constant washing, I have fallen into a daily washing routine. I know, bad! However, my scalp and hair have never been better, and to boot the shine is amazing.
  • Another benefit that we noticed: Scott has coarse and sometimes unruly hair and after a week on the new duo, Scott's "do" is much easier to smooth out! What more could you ask for?! I only wish I could use the shampoo as a body wash! Wait, that's not a bad idea...Total Wink!

Pureology NanoWax Styler

  • You may have seen me try this fantastic new styling product on you (especially my boy clients). It is truly a unique product within the crowded "matte finish, wax-based texturizing product" genre. This stuff rocks!
  • 100% Vegan and AntiFade: This product is not tested on animals and is made of 100% vegan products. It's nice to see Pureology follow this path! It also helps guard against color fade.
  • It's All About the Wax: NanoWax uses Orange Peel Wax (along with resin polymers) in its formula that gives it incredible molding range but a killer matte finish.
  • Recommendation...Absolute Wink!
Origins Plantidote
  • Serious-looking skin care, but was a bit too dehydrating for my skin. It also was a major shift in my skin care regime and my skin did not react positively. Also had a lot of essential oils (like Aveda products) which may be allergic to some (including me).
  • Wink for some...Clink for me.